Thursday – 15:00-15:45
Convention Ctr - Exhibit Hall 4A

26 – Nebras Classifier: A Generic Multi-Domain Reusable Component

Seyyed Vahid Hashemian
Nebras Informatics Co.

Sasan Dashtinezhad
Nebras Informatics Co.

Navid Khosrav
Nebras Informatics Co.

One of the powerful concepts that help in organization and management of information is classification. This concept is applicable wherever we deal with some pieces of information. In the field of computer software, classification is best fitted into Information Systems, in which, there are lots of different objects or entities. Nebras Classifier is a distributed model-view component developed to perform such information handling using both COM and CORBA communication facilities. In this component, model has a hierarchical structure capable of storing multiple instances of domain CORBA objects in its nodes and has facilities to perform special queries on this structure. The view is a graphical representation for this model. A third party named Semantic Engine that is domain dependent, may be used in interaction with these two parts using proxy design pattern to perform required feasibility checks or domain dependent actions on the classifier. Nebras Classifier can be embedded into almost all object oriented software systems. In order to be classifiable, every class of objects must support a specific interface exhibited by this component.

In this demonstration we are going to present:

  1. How such a component should be extended to support domain dependent behavior.
  2. How change propagation is resolved in a distributed objects environment.
  3. How simultaneous access to shared models are controlled when viewed by multiple views.
  4. Which famous structural and behavioral patterns we used in the development of Nebras Classifier.
  5. How such a generic component plays a great role in most of the famous domain dependent hierarchical structures such as BOM, WBS, accounts hierarchy, and classification systems by applying extension mechanisms.