Thursday – 12:00-12:45
Convention Ctr - Exhibit Hall 4A
Friday – 13:00-13:45
Convention Ctr - Exhibit Hall 4A

16 – AspectJ: the Language and Development Tools

Mik Kersten
Palo Alto Research Center

Erik Hilsdale
Palo Alto Research Center

Adrian Colyer
IBM UK Laboratories

AspectJ is a seamless aspect-oriented programming extension to Java. It can be used to cleanly modularize the crosscutting structure of concerns such as exception handling, multi-object protocols, synchronization, performance optimizations, and resource sharing. When implemented in a non-aspect-oriented fashion, the code for these concerns typically becomes spread out across entire programs. AspectJ controls such code-tangling and makes the underlying concerns more apparent, making programs easier to develop and maintain.

This demonstration will:

  1. Show how some common crosscutting concerns can be modularized by refactoring an existing system.
  2. Use the development tools to find, navigate and manipulate the crosscutting structure in the system.
  3. Show how AspectJ and development tools integrate into existing Java development environments and processes.

The demonstration will be presented using the AspectJ Eclipse plug-in. JBuilder, NetBeans / SunONE Studio, Emacs, and command-line tool support will also be reviewed.