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Wednesday 15:00-15:45 – Convention Ctr - Exhibit Hall 4A
Friday 12:00-12:45 – Convention Ctr - Exhibit Hall 4A

8 A Model Driven Architecture for Mobile Business Applications

Jayson Raymond
Chair, Seattle Java Users Group, jraymond@rit.com

The problem: The cognitive load required to simultaneously focus on the business, UI, persistence, integration and other aspects/domains of an architecture is too great over the duration of a project.

The result: The business domain becomes mired and mutated during implementation, critical aspects are lost, or the implementation is too brittle to rapidly address variations in business processes. Too many resources are spent on creating technical infrastructure, and too little on creating the business domain.

The solution: Reduce translation errors and turn around time by reading UML definitions of the business domain directly into the system.

The implementation: The system to be demonstrated will read in UML XMI files defining the business domain. These definitions will drive a handheld application, desktop application and the application server, as well as define the handheld and server databases. Further, XMI containing Activity Diagrams will be read to define the workflow between Use Cases. An example application will be developed and demonstrated.

Points of interest: Being written in CLDC Java, the resulting applications can be run on virtually every OS from the PalmOS upwards, while the asynchronous JMS design allows clients to be occasionally or continuosly connected.