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Thursday 14:00-14:45 – Convention Ctr - Exhibit Hall 4A

24 CommonRules- A rule based system to enable interoperability of businsss logic with prioritized conflict resolution

Hoi Chan
IBM Research, hychan@us.ibm.com

With the rapid development of eCommerce and applications (such as grid computing, autonomic computing,etc.) which emphasis on interoperability, it becomes necessary to develop tools that allow the programmers to focus on the separation of business data and logic in designing their applications and allows applications to share the complex businss logic, in addition to data. In addition, the tool must be able to resolve conflict and expressive enough to handle a variety of applications.

Current technologies, such as Java beans technology, provides a way to connect objects together through standardized input/output but limited in expressing the logical relationship among them. This framework uses the latest IBM CommonRules technology and Java based technologies to provide interoperabilty, portability, dynamic and semantic conflict resolution and a flexible way of dynamic linking between any objects instances. Larger applications can be constructed by merging small modules of business logic dynamically, which enables the sharing of business logic between applications.

The framework completely hides the programming details and exposes only the business logic as human language like syntax. In the demo, we will show how to build an application using the CommonRules framework and modify the application subsequently to illustrate the various features mentioned above. We will also show how two simple business applications operate by sharing and making decision based on shared buisness logic.