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Wednesday 16:00-16:45 – Convention Ctr - Exhibit Hall 4A

12 An Approach to Building Model Driven Enterprise Systems in Nebras Enterprise Framework

Navid Khosravi
Nebras Informatics Co., CEO@nebrasinfo.com
Farshid Zaker
Nebras Informatics Co., Fzaker@nebrasinfo.com
Mohammad Bakuii Katrimi
Nebras Informatics Co., Bakuii@nebrasinfo.com
Ahmad Zarei
Nebras Informatics Co., Zarei@nebrasinfo.com
Ali Kamandi
Nebras Informatics Co., Kamandi@nebrasinfo.com

Using platform independent models (PIMs) in integrating enterprise systems is of great concern nowadays. In this demonstration we are going to present an approach to building and integrating enterprise systems which has many commonalities with OMG MDA concepts. There are two major integrity points of view in this approach. First, integrity from business process point of view and second, integrity from object model point of view. We will present how these two objectives are achieved in Nebras Enterprise Framework. The platform-independent UML model of the enterprise will be made by means of Nebras Organization Modeler (NOM). The model describes the organization from four points of view: The organization units and departments.The business processes.The object model and business entities (Documents).The human resource model.

Then the model is transformed to the runtime infrastructure systems including Nebras Workflow Manager (NWM) and Nebras Document Manager (NDM) which themselves are built based on CORBA and COM+. There are also supports for EJB platform. In this Demonstration we are going to present the following topics: What are the important points in modeling an organization with UML in such an approach?How can the document management system play an important role in entity and document integration?Which requirements should the subsystems developers implement according to this approach?How do we transform the model in order to make the enterprise shape itself according to achieved metadata at run-time?What are the gaps when concerning multiple run-time environments?