OOPSLA 2002 Application for Educator Scholarships

Name: _______________________________________________________

Contact Information at your educational institution:
University:  __________________________________________________
Department:  _________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________
City: _______________State: __________ Country: _________

Voice: ______________ Fax: _____________
Email: ____________________________________

Your position in the department: _______________________________

Have you received prior support for attending OOPSLA conferences?
YES: ____ NO: ____

If YES, please describe briefly the support you received, and how the
experience of attending OOPSLA helped you and your educational institution
to further OO education and training:

Have you applied for any other support for attending OOPSLA 2002:
YES:____ NO:____

If YES, indicate what kind of support have you applied for:
Student Volunteer: ________
Doctoral Symposium: ________
Tutorial Speaker: ________
Other (Please Describe): ___________________________

Name courses (along with number of students enrolled annually) in your
department addressing OO technology.  Clearly note the ones that you are
involved in teaching.
        Course Description      Number of Students Annually

Briefly describe any activities and/or related to OO technology in your
department or college, and your involvement them.

List your objectives for attending OOPSLA 2002.

Describe how you will satisfy these objectives at OOPSLA 2002.

Explain how you will use your experience at OOPSLA 2002 to promote OO
technology within your department or college. (Be specific, and provide time
frames for achieving each objective.)

Reply to each of the following:
YES/NO   I am able to attend the complete conference, from 4 November
through 8 November 2002.
YES/NO   I intend to participate in the Educators' Symposium in some way, by
submitting a paper, doing a presentation, contributing to the poster board,
moderating a session, or wherever I am needed.
YES/NO   I am able to submit my expense report by the December 1, 2002
YES/NO   I will submit my conference experience report by the December 12,
2002 deadline.

Include any other information that will help explain your need and desire to
attend OOPSLA 2002.