Representing Software Architectures
Marriott Hotel — Meeting Room 13

Thad Scheer, Sphere of Influence
Scott Pringle, Lockheed Martin
Chris Kauffman, Epiphany Software Inc.

In this workshop, software architects will exchange ideas about how to represent architectural structures and concepts in a commercial setting. The workshop will explore representation techniques that participants have found useful, essential (or irrelevant); and will discuss pitfalls in representing software architectures. The workshop’s theme is carried forward from an OOPSLA 2000 birds-of-a-feather session on the same subject. Participants of the workshop will describe their expectations for architectural representations and share their experiences regarding what works and what doesn’t. The workshop’s focus is on establishing “practical” guidance, not on developing formal systems of complete specification. The objective of this workshop is to enhance our understanding of how software architecture is “best” represented (i.e. communicated) for commercial projects.


Track: Architecture

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