Business Aligned Software Architectures
Marriott Hotel — Meeting Room 7

Vladimir Bacvanski, InferData Corporation
John Vernon, JP Morgan Chase

The goal of IT departments within large enterprises is to deliver technology solutions that support the services and operation of the business, i.e. its business architecture. One way to meet this goal is to have the application architecture specification be traceable to the business architecture specification. The specification of how a component specification will be implemented and deployed, its technical architecture, needs to be traceable to the application architecture. Recently, modeling and component technologies started playing an important role in development of enterprise applications, but modeling and components do not provide sufficient means for development of business aligned software architectures. What is needed is an architecture framework consisting of methods for specifying architectures, including the different views of architecture, guidelines for deciding the levels of abstraction at which architectures will be specified, and principles describing how abstractions are derived from each other.

Such a framework will meet the goals described above.

This workshop’s goal is to identify key issues in developing business aligned software architecture and to identify a set of best practices for dealing with introduction of the architecture program in an enterprise.


Track: Architecture

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