Tenth OOPSLA Workshop on Behavioral Semantics: Back to Basics
Marriott Hotel — Meeting Room 3

Haim Kilov, Independent Consultant
Kenneth Baclawski, Northeastern University

The purpose of this workshop is to improve the understanding and use of precise semantics in object-oriented (OO) specifications and designs. The goal is to be a focal point that brings together theoreticians and practitioners to share their experience with making semantics precise, clear, concise and explicit in OO business specifications, business designs, and system specifications and designs. Papers can range from academic research to industrial “war stories.” This is the tenth anniversary of this OOPSLA workshop series. The specific emphasis this year is to return to the basics to recapture insights and ideas that might otherwise slip into oblivion (or at best be reinvented), while also looking forward to the future of the field.


Tracks: Architecture; Meta; Patterns; People and Project Management; Requirements Analysis

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