Engineering Complex Object-Oriented Solutions for Evolution
Marriott Hotel — Meeting Room 2

Siobhán Clarke, Trinity College, Ireland
Simon Dobson, Conceptual Drift Ltd., Ireland
Vinny Cahill, Trinity College, Ireland
Robert Filman, NASA Ames Research Center

Complex object-oriented solutions present challenges with respect to evolution and adaptability. Yet evolution and adaptability are necessary requirements to support business-to-business processes across the internet. Advances are being made in software engineering support for complex development, such as component-based development, and advanced ways of separating concerns. An interesting suite of object-oriented solutions, that builds on both mature infrastructures (such as CORBA), and on newer platforms (such as Java and agent systems), have been used to developing the first generation of business-to-business e-commerce solutions.

Nevertheless, if more complex e-commerce solutions are to be engineered, rather than simply built, what new set of issues must be confronted? This workshop is intended to bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss the issues inherent in engineering complex solutions for evolution and adaptability. The goal is to identify those issues which directly affect the successful deployment and evolution of a complex system and which are poorly supported by current methods, and to explore directions for research and development to address these omissions.


Tracks: Architecture; Components; Emerging Technologies; Internet Technologies; Middleware

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