Beyond Design: Patterns (mis)used
Convention Ctr — Room 6

Christa Schwanninger, Siemens, Germany
Elisa Baniassad, University of British Columbia, Canada
Gail Murphy, University of British Columbia, Canada
Vera Seidel, Siemens, Germany

In the past seven years, a strong pattern community has been built, as is reflected in a number of conferences. This community has largely focused on the writing and using of patterns. But design patterns are important for reasons beyond capturing and transferring information about recurring problems and their solutions. For instance pattern information can aid reverse engineering tasks, or it can be used to determine useful language improvements or extensions. Currently, research centered on such concepts occurs at the periphery of the pattern community, and hence there has been limited opportunity for researchers interested in other aspects of pattern research to interact with the pattern community. Our goal is to diversify and expand the pattern community with these additional views, to find points of collaboration and to share insights about patterns.


Tracks: Emerging Technologies; Patterns

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