Patterns and Techniques for Designing Object-Oriented Mobile Wireless Systems
Will now be combined with Workshop 10 and held on Sunday, Marriott Hotel — Salon A

Kirthika Parmeswaran, Telcordia Technologies
Andrew Campbell, Columbia University
Ravi Jain, Telcordia Technologies

Mobile applications and services are exploding in the market today. However, typically value-added applications have been developed as additions to the most basic application of all, which is mobile wireless voice and data access, or developed as specialized vertical services. Despite the proliferation of mobile wireless services being introduced in the marketplace, it is not yet clear which will be the “killer apps” and for which market segments and in which regions. Therefore, it is critical that frameworks be built to enable rapid creation and deployment of mobile wireless services leveraging not only reusable components but also design and deployment patterns, including the adaptation and optimization patterns essential in mobile wireless environments. The goal of this workshop is to identify the challenges as well as discuss and document the design patterns and OO techniques used for building mobile wireless systems. An aim of the workshop is to provide a forum for a stimulating discussion between the participants on the requirements and features of common APIs, both between mobile clients and servers, and between services and the mobile application framework.


Tracks: Components; Emerging Technologies; Patterns; Small and/or Mobile

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