Semantics of Enterprise Integration
Marriott Hotel — Meeting Room 5

Sergio de Cesare, Brunel University, UK (
Mark Lycett, Brunel University, UK
Paul Allen, Computer Associates, UK
Grant Holland, Sun Microsystems, USA
Tony Morgan, Unisys, UK

The growth of the Internet and the expansion of e-commerce systems have accentuated pre-existing problems related with systems interoperability and the definition of common semantics throughout business organizations. Consequently, an increasing amount of cost and effort is dedicated to the integration of systems and applications. The issues involved, however, are not just related to infrastructure and technology. Indeed fundamental problems exist around the understanding of what ‘concepts’ are shared, how they relate and what mechanisms should be adopted to allow systems to communicate and interoperate at levels.

This workshop welcomes the participation of academics, researchers and practitioners interested in approaches aimed at achieving the integration of enterprise systems.


Tracks: Architecture; Components; Emerging Technologies; Patterns

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