Architectural Patterns for Wireless Computing
Marriott Hotel — Salon C

Steffen Schaefer, IBM (
Steve Marney, EDS
Tony Willis, Fundamo
Kari Parkkinen, dna Finland

In some respects, wireless solutions are not very different from standard e-Business systems and are implemented with the same or similar technology.

But clearly, the standard Web ‘Request/Response’ model, e.g., as implemented through WAP is not enough. Offline-work, messaging, and data replication are just a few examples where Wireless Computing goes beyond ‘internet for small screens’. As in other e-Business systems, Java, C++ and XML are often used for implementation at the server side, as well as on the pervasive device. Using such well known technology as a base, this workshop aims at identifying reference architectures and design patterns that are specific, or at least typical for Wireless Computing.

The goal is to exchange experience about architecture issues for Wireless Computing. We will aim to produce tangible results, e.g., architecture or design patterns for specific issues, and try to reach consensus on approaches for resolving problems and identify strategies.


Tracks: Architecture; Concurrency; Emerging Technologies; Middleware; Small and/or Mobile

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