Testing Enterprise JavaBeans
Marriott Hotel — Meeting Room 3

Oliver Vogel, Systor, Switzerland
Markus Voelter, Mathema, Germany

Components, in general, and Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs), in particular, are coarse-grained reusable units of software. Yet to be successfully reused, EJBs must exhibit certain quality characteristics, perhaps more so than other software artifacts. One successful way of creating quality software is testing. Extreme programming, and other light weight software development processes, have found that testing is an essential aspect of software development. However, testing EJB is different than testing normal code, because EJBs are executed on the server, inside the container which provides certain infrastructure services. Neither the EJB specification nor current EJB books cover testing in depth. Yet, systems having to fulfill quality of service requirements cannot be built without a clear understanding and adequate development of testing strategies.

This workshop seeks to explore successful techniques for EJB testing.


Tracks: Components; Java Technologies; Testing

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