Specification and Verification of Component-Based Systems
Marriott Hotel — Meeting Room 1

Gary Leavens, Iowa State University
Murali Sitaraman, Clemson University
Dimitra Giannakopoulou, NASA Ames Research Center (

This workshop’s goal is to explore foundations for applying formal techniques to component-based systems. Specification and reasoning techniques are urgently needed to permit composition of systems from components, for which source code is unavailable. We would like to bring together researchers and practitioners in the areas of component-based software and formal methods, to address these problems. The idea is to focus more of the effort in formal methods on component-based systems. Besides functional behavior, we are also interested in reasoning about concurrency, mechanization and scalability, and performance (time and space). The participants will brainstorm about these and related topics in formal methods for component-based systems to understand both the problems involved and how formal techniques may be useful in solving them. The expected result of the meeting is an outline of collaborative research topics and a list of areas for further exploration.


Tracks: Components; Fundamentals

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