Fifth Workshop on Pedagogies and Tools for Assimilating Object-Oriented Concepts
Marriott Hotel — Meeting Room 2

Jürgen Börstler, Umeå University, Sweden (
Isabel Michiels, Vrije Universiteit, Brussel, Belgium

Successfully applying object technology during the software development life cycle requires a thorough understanding of object-oriented concepts. However, learning as well as lecturing these concepts have proven to be very difficult, especially for those who first adopted a procedural way of thinking.

Many OO teaching approaches are limited to teaching a specific object-oriented programming language. Furthermore they often use a strict bottom-up approach and focus on the control structure part of the language. This gives students/trainees the impression that there is a central unit of control in each program, which can be fully controlled by the developer. However, this does not match well with the idea that responsibilities are distributed among (encapsulated) objects.

The goal of this workshop is to share experiences about alternative teaching approaches and tools to improve the teaching and learning of the basic concepts of object technology rather than teaching a specific programming language. Participants will furthermore reflect upon the learning process to identify key requirements for the understanding of the basic concepts and propose feasible orderings of the teaching material.


Track: People and Project Management

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