Refining the Practices of Extreme Programming
Marriott Hotel — Florida Salon 1

Ken Auer, RoleModel Software, Inc. (
Ward Cunningham, Cunningham & Cunningham

Extreme Programming (XP) has been building some notoriety over the last few years. Although it is still an enigma to many who’ve heard about it, there are others who are actively doing it. This workshop will be a place where extreme programming practitioners can come together to challenge and encourage each other as they share what they’ve been doing and where they are going and work together to refine their art. Rather than introduce or defend XP, we will be working together to examine what works and doesn’t work and determine how to improve the practice and enlarge the applicable domain. We will be applying some of the XP practices throughout the day to produce a living Best Practices hypertext manual.


Track: Agile Methods

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