Feyerabend - Redefining Computing
Marriott Hotel — Salon B

Richard Gabriel, Sun Microsystems, Inc. (
Ron Goldman, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Joseph Bergin, Pace University

Fifty years into the First Computing Era some of us in the computing arena have come to realize we’ve made a false start that can’t be fixed, and for us to finally be able to produce lasting, correct, beautiful, usable, scalable, enjoyable software that stands the tests of time and moral human endeavor, we need to start over. Perhaps we’ll be able to salvage some of what we’ve learned from the First Era, but we expect almost everything except the most mathematical fundamentals to be brushed aside.

This workshop is one in a series leading up to an event to reinvent computing. For that event we will be putting together the most diverse group of 75 people possible in a remote but subtly beautiful locale.

The result of the 2-week event will be the first steps toward a road map for massive rebuilding of computing – both as a theoretical endeavor and as a practice – and toward a plan to accomplish it.

In this workshop we will focus on technology ideas inspired from object technology to be used as a starting point for the Feyerabend Project.


Tracks: Emerging Technologies; Fundamentals

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