Wednesday Afternoon, Half Day
OPEN: A Flexible OO/CBD Process for Software-Intensive Systems Development
Marriott Hotel — Meeting Room 2
Brian Henderson-Sellers, University of Technology, Sydney

The increased complexity associated with large-scale software-intensive systems development requires an increase in the sophistication of the methodology utilized. Following a general discussion on the value of processes, one specific OO/CBD example, OPEN (Object-oriented Process, Environment and Notation) is described in detail. Emphasis will be placed upon the need for flexibility of processes and how they can be constructed and configured to individual circumstances. Finally, some advice on how to transition to OO/CBD and deploy this process for the first time will be given. Objective: The tutorial objective is to present and understand the need for flexibility in process and how this can lead to an organizationally or project specific process instance using the OPEN Process Framework as an example. A secondary goal is to discuss how transition to an OO environment can be accomplished.

Attendee Background: Fully conversant with basic OO terminology and the need for a full lifecycle process. Experience with OO methodologies is advantageous. Those who would benefit most, would include project managers, systems developers, analysts and designers.

Presenter: Brian Henderson-Sellers is Director of the Centre for Object Technology Applications and Research and Professor of Information Systems at University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). He is author of nine books on object technology and is well-known for his work in OO methodologies (MOSES, COMMA and OPEN) and in OO metrics. In 1999, he was voted number 3 in the Who’s Who of Object Technology (Handbook of Object Technology, CRC Press, Appendix N). He is currently a member of the Review Panel for the OMG’s Software Process Engineering Model (SPEM) standards initiative.

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