Wednesday Afternoon, Half Day
Objects vs. The Web
Convention Ctr — Room 14
Alan Knight, Cincom Systems of Canada
Naci Dai, BEA Systems Inc.

Web development is the cool new paradigm. How do we stop ourselves from forgetting the lessons of previous paradigms and just hacking our way through? The web’s core mechanisms lend themselves all too easily to cut-and-paste re-use, ad-hoc scripts, direct-to-database code, and fragmented business logic. In the name of time-to-market, too many of us abandon what we know and take the path of least resistance. There are capable and articulate people telling us this is exactly what we should be doing. We believe, that the lessons of objects do apply to the web. If we apply them wisely we can have good time-to-market for version 1.0, ship version 2.0 successfully, and improve the user experience along the way. But it’s not obvious how to apply these lessons. What, if anything, is MVC for the web? What are the architectural layers? How do we support multiple channels within these layers, when presentation differences can easily creep into the domain logic? What about EJB? This tutorial surveys current web technologies with an emphasis on OO usage, provides best practices and examples from Java and Smalltalk, discusses myths and truths about components, and describes architecture and development practices that support good practices.

Attendee Background: Attendees should have a reasonable understanding of OO development. Experience with web development is helpful, although a basic familiarity with terms is adequate.

Presenters: Alan Knight works on Smalltalk web tools for Cincom Systems. Prior to that he was chief architect of the TOPLink family of object-relational mapping products with The Object People and WebGain. He has spoken extensively at conferences including OOPSLA, Smalltalk Solutions and Java One, and is co-author of the book, Mastering ENVY/Developer. He can be reached at

Naci Dai is an educator for BEA Systems Inc., prior to that he was the director of distributed computing with The Object People. He teaches object technology, design-patterns, and distributed computing. He leads and mentors web development projects for Fortune 500 companies. He has developed the distributed computing curriculum and services. He has a background in applied-engineering and computational physics. He has received his Ph.D. from Carleton University. He can be reached as

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