Wednesday Afternoon, Half Day
Realizing Extreme Programming as a Strategic Weapon for Innovation
Convention Ctr — Room 23
Ken Auer, RoleModel Software, Inc.
Roy Miller, RoleModel Software, Inc.

extreme Programming seems to be more appropriate in some environments than in others. This tutorial explains why extreme Programming is particularly suitable for those in a “new product” environment using object-oriented tools and techniques. It shows both business and technical players how they can use this process to effectively address these seemingly conflicting requirements:
  • getting an idea to market fast while keeping quality high
  • leveraging existing assets while quickly adapting to the changing demands of the market and investors
  • making the best use of key people in expanding their market reach while not sacrificing their current market
  • building a cohesive team in the midst of constant change
  • keeping up with leading technology while still getting current work done,

Included in this tutorial will be a participatory “Extreme Hour” simulation showing how business and technology roles work together in XP to keep development and business moving together toward a common goal at the fastest pace possible.

Attendee Background: The target audience is anyone interested in exploring a new approach to leveraging object-oriented programming, systems, and languages in the development of new software products. The assumption is that attendees will have at least heard of XP and know something about it. However, this is not a prerequisite.

Presenters: Ken Auer is President, Founder and Master Craftsman of RoleModel Software, Inc. He has been active in the development of object oriented software since 1985. In late 1998, RoleModel Software began building the first extreme Programming Software Studio based on his vision. This is a place where apprentices, skilled journeyman, and software masters work together in an environment of continuous learning with extremely effective modes of collaboration to produce unusually adaptable and robust software for their clients. He is also the co-author of XP Applied, scheduled for publication by Addison-Wesley in October 2001.

Roy Miller is a Software Developer at RoleModel Software, Inc. Prior to joining RoleModel, Roy spent six years with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), most recently as a Project Manager. Roy is a contributing author to IBM’s developerWorks Java Zone, has co-authored a book in the Addison Wesley XP Series (XP Applied, scheduled for publication in October 2001), and was a featured panelist at the “Business of XP” fishbowl at XP2001.

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