Wednesday Afternoon, Half Day
Architectures for Integrating Business Logic into J2EE
Convention Ctr — Room 22
Josh MacKenzie, ThoughtWorks, Inc.
Rebecca Parsons, ThoughtWorks, Inc.

J2EE has exploded onto the enterprise systems development world with a handy mix of powerful technologies. They make for an impressive list of features, but they are still young and it isn’t so obvious how you actually put them together. ThoughtWorks likes being on the bleeding edge, so in the last couple of years we’ve put into production some sizeable enterprise applications. In doing this we’ve learned a lot about the different architectures you can use and their relative merits. In this talk we’ll walk you through half a dozen architectural designs that we’ve seen in the field. We’ll review the issues that you need to understand to build enterprise applications and use these issues to evaluate the candidate architectures. In passing we’ll discuss a number of key patterns for server-side object design.

Attendee Background: Knowledge of Java and J2EE.

Presenters: Josh MacKenzie has been with ThoughtWorks for three years, serving as a developer, architect and team lead. He has worked on projects in equipment leasing, insurance and industrial supply and purchasing. These projects have utilized a wide variety of technologies, including J2EE, XML, Forte, and LDAP. Josh has also been instrumental in the exploration and adoption of lightweight methodologies on ThoughtWorks’ projects. Prior to ThoughtWorks, Josh served as a Senior Engineer for Motorola Energy Systems, where he designed and developed real-time testing and analysis software for electrochemical capacitors. He holds a B.A. in Physics and Mathematics, and an almost-M.S. in Chemical Engineering. Josh presented tutorials at JavaCon2000 on “Refactoring” and “Business Objects in J2EE”. ThoughtWorks, Inc. is a leading custom e-business application and platform development firm.

Rebecca Parsons is a Senior Architect for ThoughtWorks, Inc., a leading custom e-business application and platform development firm. While at ThoughtWorks, Rebecca has worked on a large scale leasing system for a financial services subsidiary of a Fortune 100 company. Prior to joining ThoughtWorks, Rebecca was on the faculty of the School of Computer Science at the University of Central Florida where she taught compilers, operating systems, programming languages and computational biology. Rebecca has worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory as well as in industrial positions. She has spoken at both academic and industrial conferences and has served on program committees and editorial review boards for various conferences and publications. Rebecca received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Rice University in 1992.

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