Wednesday Afternoon, Half Day
Creativity in Software Development
Marriott Hotel — Meeting Room 11
Pete McBreen, McBreen Consulting

Now, more than ever, software development requires innovative thinking. Our challenge has shifted from writing the code to identifying and evaluating new ideas, processes and applications. Creating software is one of the most creative activities that humans undertake. The main limitation in software is the human imagination, and the limits on that are all self imposed. Through the application of creativity, it is possible to create truly great software. This tutorial explores ideas about creativity and how they relate to software development. Specific topics that will be covered include - brainstorming techniques for eliciting requirements - creating and evaluating alternate designs - creativity and software development processes - creativity and quality assurance - creativity for programmers. Objective: On completion participants will understand how to apply creative thinking strategies to software development.

Attendee Background: Developers, team leaders and managers who need to step up to the challenges of developing great software.

Presenter: Pete McBreen is a course designer, teacher, and project lead in object technology. He is responsible for ensuring that project teams make effective use of object technology on projects including project startup, methodology and tool selection, mentoring, process improvement, system design and quality assurance. With over 16 years of industry experience, he has been successfully using and teaching object-oriented techniques since 1989.

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