Tuesday Afternoon, Half Day
Developing Java Applications for Small Spaces
Convention Ctr — Room 6
Chris Carpenter, RoleModel Software Inc.
Chris Collins, RoleModel Software Inc.

Java has always promised the ability to run on any size platform, from mainframes to wristwatches. Now the promise of supporting “small” platforms is truly here. This tutorial will teach the current state of the art with respect to developing Java applications for the J2ME and IBM VisualAge Micro Edition application environments (JAE’s). Developers accustomed to creating applications for the web, desktop, or workstation environments will receive instruction on how to approach developing their own small-environment Java applications from pioneers who have actually attempted (successfully and unsuccessfully) to build such applications using the different environments. There are significant differences in Sun’s and IBM’s approach to putting Java in small spaces. The benefits and limitations of each will be discussed. The tutorial will not only discuss how to get Java applications working on small devices but will also provide practical advice about when putting Java on a small device makes sense and when it does not. In addition, the tutorial will discuss integrating Java enabled devices into the much-ballyhooed Jini environment.

Attendee Background: Participants should be Java developers or technical leaders of Java projects.

Presenters: Chris Carpenter is a senior level software engineer and architect working for RoleModel Software, Inc. Mr. Carpenter has been involved in object oriented development since 1991. He cut his object teeth building object-oriented distributed software frameworks written in Objective-C running on NeXTs. In the early 90’s he participated in architecting and building distributed systems frameworks based on the then emerging CORBA 1.0 specification. His skill at looking beyond the obvious and finding solutions to his customer’s problems has always been tied to the maxim “model the world the way you want it to be.” Recently, he has been involved in the design and prototype of Java in small, remote devices and their integration into infrastructures that rely upon the remote devices for system solutions. Mr. Carpenter is an author of the Automated Meter Reading System patent along with patents pending involving Java and Jini in remote devices joined to larger enterprise frameworks.

Chris Collins is a Senior Software Developer at RoleModel Software, Inc. While at RoleModel, Chris has created an acceptance test framework, developed an embedded Java application for a new Motorola, Inc. cell phone platform, and ported JUnit to run on Sun’s J2ME platform. Before joining RoleModel in early 2000, he spent five years developing software for several organizations using many different languages for U.S. Department of Defense. Chris has a Masters in Computer Science and Software Engineering from the University of West Florida, currently teaches a Java programming course at North Carolina State University, has been an invited speaker on XP at Duke University, and presented a paper on process adaptation at XP2001.

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