Tuesday Afternoon, Half Day
XP Meets UML: Development Processes for eTechnology
Convention Ctr — Room 23
Alan Cameron Wills, Trireme International Ltd.

Extreme Programming has justifiably become wildly popular, especially among developers of eCommerce systems, for whom lightweight process and responsiveness to changing requirements are prerequisites. And yet practices like analysing and documenting requirements upfront used to seem like a good idea. So did careful definition of the interfaces between components – an essential for CBD and EAI. This tutorial draws on the presenter’s experience in constructing a corporate process that combines the best of iterative development together with requirements and interface specification techniques from the Catalysis approach. We will look at how to ensure that requirements analysis raises questions to the customer, rather than just recording use-cases; how to relate the incrementally-delivered features to the use-cases in the requirements model; how to use the requirements and interface models to generate tests; and how to ensure that the customer-developer link is enhanced rather than weakened by the mediation of the requirements analyst. Participants will be able to improve the processes in their own companies. Part of the session will be in workshop mode, and contributions from people with experience in this area are welcome.

Attendee Background: Some UML; some incremental development.

Presenter: Alan Cameron Wills is a consultant in methods and process working in a variety of fields on both sides of the Atlantic. He is joint author of the Catalysis Approach to Component and Object Design.

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