Tuesday Afternoon, Half Day
Business Modeling with the UML
Marriott Hotel — Meeting Room 1
Granville Miller, TogetherSoft

Developing models of your business can serve many purposes. These models can help you as you continually engineer your business to keep up with the competitive pressures of today’s business environment. Additionally, they can help as you develop the software systems that give you competitive advantage. UML modeling elements such as use cases and business object models are excellent ways of capturing existing business processes or the processes of the future. These models can then be used to communicate requirements to software engineers, the organization at large, or the people who will be a vital part of carrying out the objectives of the process. In this tutorial, we describe methods of capturing processes and modeling them. We present UML as a method of describing them. Finally, we introduce some additions to the UML which will aid organizations to deploy these systems and processes in their organizations.

Attendee Background: This tutorial is geared toward business analysts, requirements engineers, and software managers and developers who wish to place their software solutions in the context of a business process.

Presenter: Granville Miller is currently a mentor at TogetherSoft. He is the co-author of Advanced Use Case Modeling, Volume I, and has two more books slated for the end of the year. He has been active in the OO community and has given tutorials at several conferences. He has been working heavily with use cases as a method of business modeling for several years.

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