Tuesday Afternoon, Half Day
The UML’s Object Constraint Language (OCL) — Specifying Components
Marriott Hotel — Meeting Room 11
Jos Warmer, Klasse Objecten
Anneke Kleppe, Klasse Objecten

As the use of UML grows and UML is applied to more fields of software and systems engineering, the need for more precise specifications grows. This is crucial, for example, when generating code or test cases from specifications. In the component based world we need to be able to specify the behavior of components in a very precise way. This enables us to know whether components are plug-compatible and allows us to derive the behavior of assembled components and make sure that they have the desired behavior. For these purposes UML’s Object Constraint Language is becoming more popular as a standardized and language independent specification mechanism. This tutorial shows the importance of constraints as an object-oriented specification technique and how they add value to the visual modeling techniques of UML. The OCL language itself and the connection with the visual UML diagrams is thoroughly explained. The final part of the tutorial will show how one can apply constraint modeling in UML to achieve the above described goals.

Attendee Background: The tutorial is targeted to people that have knowledge of and experience with analysis and design methods like UML. They should specifically have experience in developing object or class models.

Presenters: Jos Warmer is senior consultant at Klasse Objecten. He is the chief architect of OCL and responsible within the UML core team for all matters concerning OCL.

Anneke Kleppe is an independent OT consultant who founded her own company Klasse Objecten in 1995. She has developed her own training and mentoring program and has applied this with many clients. She has actively supported the UML core team on the subject of OCL. Anneke and Jos have co-authored the book entitled, The Object Constraint Language: Precise Modeling with UML, which has been published in the OT series by Addison-Wesley Longman, USA. They also wrote (Dutch) books on OMT and UML, published by Addison-Wesley.

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