Monday Afternoon, Half Day
How to Really Fail at Software Architecture
Convention Ctr — Room 19
Luke Hohmann, Independent Consultant

Most books and lectures on software architecture focus on technical issues. This is clearly necessary, because software architecture must deal with technical concerns. A smaller subset focuses on other important issues such as “peopleware.” This is clearly necessary, for software systems are built by people to satisfy one or more needs. Unfortunately, few lectures focus on the business realities of software architecture. This tutorial addresses these business realities, for without addressing them your architecture will surely fail.

Attendee Background: Participants should have been a technical lead, first line manager, senior developer, or software architect for at least one project (including the one they’re working on right now, if this is their first).

Presenter: Luke Hohmann is an independent consultant committed to coaching his clients to greater levels of performance. Mr. Hohmann is author of Journey of the Software Professional: A Sociology of Software Development from Prentice-Hall as well as numerous articles on software engineering management. A skilled instructor and speaker, Mr. Hohmann has been invited to many conferences. Mr. Hohmann can be contacted through e-mail at

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