Monday Afternoon, Half Day
Surviving Object-Oriented Projects
Marriott Hotel — Florida Salon VI
Alistair Cockburn, Humans and Technology

After a decade of OO projects, what have we learned? Develop in increments to form a habit of delivering; make sure you have a decent executive sponsor, project manager and technical leader; get training; and don’t forget the lessons of the last four decades. This tutorial walks through appropriate expectations, project setup, technology selection, working with the domain model, with increments and iterations, prototypitis and the death spiral, setting up teams, handling training, expanding, project management patterns and advice from hindsight. It includes over 60 specific strategies, truths, fixes, and recommendations. The tutorial is liberally sprinkled with case histories and insights from the participants themselves. It overlaps heavily with the book, Surviving Object-Oriented Projects. The tutorial is for anyone wanting to learn ways to get their OO project out of the mire, or avoid the mire in the first place.

Attendee Background: Neither being a OO novice nor an OO expert will interfere with the tutorial material. The only requirements is an interest in what makes a project work well.

Presenter: Alistair Cockburn, founder of Humans and Technology, was special advisor to the Central Bank of Norway for object technology and software project management, and the designer of the IBM Consulting Group’s first OO development methodology. His books, Surviving Object-Oriented Projects and Writing Effective Use Cases, have garnered praise from busy practitioners for being pragmatic and readable. He is an expert on use cases, object-oriented design, project management, and software methodologies. He has been the technical design coach and process consultant on projects ranging in size from 3 to 90 people. Materials that support Alistair’s workshops can be found at and

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