Monday Afternoon, Half Day
Making the Software Process Transparent by Using Intelligent Agents
Marriott Hotel — Florida Salon V
Ivar Jacobson, Rational
Gunnar Övergaard, Jaczone AB

It has never been so hard to develop good software as today. Developers need more knowledge and skill than ever before. They need to be skilled in programming languages (e.g. Java, C++), system software platforms (.NET, J2EE), XML, middleware (WebSphere, Logicworks, etc.), the Unified Modeling Language, the Rational Unified Process, web architectures, etc. And they need to learn about these technologies faster than ever with almost no time for training and education. If they don’t, their only rescue is to find shortcuts, use lightweight methodologies, and ignore well-proven best practices. And as usual, quality will suffer. There is another way. In this tutorial we will discuss how software agents can be used to reduce the gap between the individual developers’ knowledge and what is needed. For instance, agents can minimize the process adoption thresholds so that the complexity of a process can become transparent to the developers and thus be perceived as lightweight. The individual developer will focus on the problem solving and creative part, letting the agents do the work that can be guided by formalized knowledge. We will discuss the process of formalizing knowledge as rules, how these rules will trigger in a given context, and how the agents can propose resolutions. Examples will be used to demonstrate the feasibility of agents in software development.

Attendee Background: System analysts, project leaders, software developers, people interested in methodologies, process development and software development tools Required experience: Some experience with software development and UML.

Presenters: Dr. Ivar Jacobson serves as Vice President of Business Engineering for Rational Software Corp. Dr. Jacobson is the founder of Objectory AB in Sweden, which merged with Rational Software in 1995. He was one of the three original designers of the UML in 1997. He is the principal author of three influential and best-selling books, Object-Oriented Software Engineering—A Use Case Driven Approach, The Object Advantage—Business Process Reengineering with Object Technology, Software Reuse: Architecture, Process, and Organization for Business Success, and The Unified Software Development Process.

Gunnar Övergaard serves as Vice President Content Development at Jaczone AB, and holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science. Gunnar has worked with process development, consulting, and education in the object-oriented field since the mid-1980s. Gunnar worked as VP of process development at Objectory in the critical development of the origin to the Rational Unified Process. He has participated actively in the development of UML since 1995.

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