Monday Morning, Half Day
Exposing and Consuming Web Services with .NET
Convention Ctr — Room 21
Casey Chesnut, iigo

This tutorial will demonstrate Web Services in the .NET Framework. A Web Service is application logic accessible through standard web protocols and data formats. They are an integral part of the .NET Framework. The tutorial will be divided into 2 parts. The first part will focus on how to expose a Web Service for clients to access, and the second part will cover how to consume the exposed Web Service from a variety of clients. Some time will be spent exploring applicable architectures and modeling techniques for Web Services. Throughout the presentation, non-functional requirements will also be considered (e.g. security, authentication, performance, etc.) The tutorial’s objective is to give the audience an intermediate-level introduction to Web Services development in the .NET Framework, as well as design decisions that are pertinent to the programming model. The audience will be exposed to XML, SOAP, UDDI, WSDL, ASP.NET, and C#. This tutorial will be presentation based with code examples.

Attendee Background: The target audience will be Software Engineers, although Management will be interested to get a glimpse at Web Services and the different business models that are made possible. Basic understanding of Internet technologies will be helpful.

Presenter: Casey Chesnut is Vice President of Technology for iigo, Inc. He specializes in cutting-edge technologies and has most recently been concentrating on Web Services in the .NET Framework. He holds two Masters degrees in software engineering.

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