Sunday Afternoon, Half Day
Advanced Use Case Writing
Marriott Hotel — Florida Salon V
Alistair Cockburn, Humans and Technology

This tutorial is a chance for practiced use case writers to gather and ask the hard questions. What is the difference between Extends and Includes? What is the difference between a business use case and a system use case? When do we stop drawing pictures and start writing text? What expertise is required in the use case writing team? How do we control the mixed levels of writing across people? Where do I put the UI design, the data descriptions and all the other requirements? Can non-technical people write the use cases? Who reviews the use cases? How do we keep use cases writers from infringing on design? The tutorial is structured as part lecture, part workshop, and part open question-and-answer. The lecture introduces the new Stakeholders & Interests model of use cases, along with the notions of different design scopes and goal levels. The workshop portion gives the attendees a chance to try their hands at resolving certain kinds of frequently occurring problems, to sharpen their skills. The open question-and-answer section allows the attendees to ask questions currently plaguing them at work, and even trade answers and experiences amongst themselves.

Attendee Background: Attendees must have written some use cases and be familiar with basic use case concepts.

Presenter: Alistair Cockburn is a highly regarded instructor and is known as one of the premier experts on use cases. His book, Writing Effective Use Cases, set the standard in the area and was nominated for Software Development’s Jolt book award in 2001. Alistair has taught use case writing since 1994, and has also acted as consultant on project management, object-oriented design, and methodology to the Central Bank of Norway, the IBM Consulting Group, and the First Rand Bank of South Africa. Materials that support his workshops can be found at, and

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