Sunday Afternoon, Half Day
Building Parsers with Java
Marriott Hotel — Meeting Room 11
Steve Metsker, Capital One

By learning to write parsers you learn to bridge the gap between computers and the users of your language. You can nestle a new language into any niche, defining how your users interact with computers using text. This workshop introduces the basics of building a language from Sequence, Alternation, and Repetition objects. With these three objects, you can create any syntax-free language. In this session you will spend a large portion of class time writing parsers, using the tools this workshop introduces. You will learn when to create an XML-based language and when to use Java. You will also learn how to design a language and how to generate a working parser from this design.

Attendee Background: Attendees should be experienced Java developers.

Presenter: Steve Metsker is a researcher and author who explores and writes about ways to expand the abilities of developers. Steve’s articles have explained how to maintain relational integrity in object models, how to solve logic puzzles in Java, and how the conception of “object” differs between Plato and the OO languages. Steve’s most recent publication is the book, Building Parsers with Java.

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