Sunday Morning, Half Day
XML, XSD, and SOAP as a Better Component Model
Marriott Hotel — Florida Salon VI
Don Box, DevelopMentor

The Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is an XML-based protocol for exposing servers, services, components or objects over the web. SOAP codifies the use of existing technologies such as XML, XML Schema Definition (XSD) language, and HTTP to allow code to be accessed in an interoperable and Internet-friendly fashion. This tutorial covers the following topics: The XML Protocol Stack, the XML Schema Language, HTTP Myths vs. Reality, SOAP Encoding, SOAP Framing, SOAP and Extensibility, Architecture of a SOAP runtime, and Architecture of a SOAP application

Attendee Background: Attendees should be familiar with the basics of object-oriented programming and moderately comfortable with some RPC or messaging based technology such as CORBA, DCOM or RMI.

Presenter: Don Box is a co-founder of DevelopMentor, a developer services company that provides education and support to the software industry at large. Don’s research interests include component software integration, programming for concurrency, and XML-based serialization and metadata protocols. Don is a series editor at Addison Wesley and is the author of Essential COM, and a co-author of Effective COM, and Essential XML, all from Addison Wesley. Don is a contributing editor and columnist at Microsoft Systems Journal (now called MSDN Magazine) and an occasional contributor to Don is also a co-author of the Simple Object Access Protocol specification and a member of the W3C Schemas Working Group. Don has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of California at Irvine.

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