Sunday Morning, Half Day
Component and Service Architecture Modeling with UML
Convention Ctr — Room 21
Desmond D’Souza, Kinetium

The word “architecture” often bestows instant importance to pretty powerpoint drawings and vague hand waving. And while e-business demands flexible configuration of components and web-services, those components and services will only plug together if they conform to shared “pluggable” architecture standards. Believing “architecture keeps designers from needless creativity,” we outline a clear definition of architecture and architectural style based on UML packages, patterns, and refinement. Elements and rules of an architectural style are separated from the designs which use them, and component architectures use an abstract component-connector model.

Attendee Background: Attendees should be familiar with the UML.

Presenter: Desmond D’Souza is founder and president of Kinetium. He is co-author of Objects, Components, and Frameworks With UML: The Catalysis Approach (Addison Wesley 1998), and a respected speaker internationally. He was previously senior vice president of component-based development at Platinum Technology and at Computer Associates. Kinetium provides client solutions that leverage shareable architectures for model-driven development and integration of systems, with a current focus on light-weight modeling architecture and methods. Desmond can be reached at

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