Sunday Morning, Half Day
How to Manage the Change from COBOL to OOP
Marriott Hotel — Salon A
Markus Knasmüller, BMD Systemhaus

After solving the problems Y2K and Euro, the last big challenges for Cobol-programmers are over. Therefore most of them have to look for new fields of activity, but these are combined with new programming techniques like object-oriented programming. However, introducing object-oriented programming to old-style programmers is a rather hard task. This tutorial shows how this job was done at BMD Steyr, Austrians leading producer of accountancy software. It is a perfect support for everybody who wants to introduce or teach object-oriented programming. After presenting background information why one should change and how this change should be accompanied, a special course for former Cobol programmers is presented. Experiences, as well as tips and tricks, will round up the presentation.

Attendee Background: The participants should have basic knowledge of traditional programming languages like Cobol or PL/I and should have the wish to change to object-oriented programming.

Presenter: Markus Knasmüller is head of the software department at BMD Systemhaus, Austrians leading producer of accountancy software. In this position he was responsible for the change of 50 programmers and 5 millions lines of code from COBOL to OOP. He is author of various research papers and books (for example: From COBOL to OOP, dpunkt, 2001) and has experience in teaching object-oriented programming at the university as well as in industry. Markus holds a Ph.D. in computer science and a degree in management information systems.

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