Sunday Morning, Half Day
Agile Methodologies
Convention Ctr — Room 19
Jim Highsmith, Information Architects, Inc.

In the past two years, a wide range of publications (Software Development, IEEE Software, Cutter IT Journal, Software Testing and Quality Engineering, and even the Economist) have published articles on what Martin Fowler calls the New Methodologies. There has been a rapidly rising interest in these new approaches to software development such as extreme Programming, Scrum, Adaptive Software Development, Feature-Driven Development, and Dynamic Systems Development Methodology. Furthermore, scores of organizations have developed their own “lighter” approach to building software. Recently, representatives from each of the New Methodologies met, formed the Agile Alliance, and developed common purpose and principles to help others think about software development, methodologies, and organizations, in new “more agile” ways. This workshop, given by Jim Highsmith, developer of one of the Agile Methodologies (Adaptive Software Development), and one of the authors of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, addresses key questions: What are Agile Methodologies? What problem domains do Agile Methodologies address? What are the common principles behind Agile Methodologies? What are the similarities and differences between the various Agile Methodologies?

Attendee Background: The tutorial is targeted at software development managers, project managers, and team leaders. Basic project management knowledge will be helpful.

Presenter: Jim Highsmith is director of Cutter Consortium’s e-Project Management Practice, president of Information Architects, Inc., and author of Adaptive Software Development: A Collaborative Approach to Managing Complex Systems (Dorset House, 2000). He has 30 years experience as a consultant, software developer, manager, and writer. Jim has published dozens of articles in major industry publications and his ideas about project management in the Internet era were featured in recent issues of ComputerWorld and the Economic Times in India. In the last ten years, he has worked with both IT organizations and software companies in the US, Europe, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Japan, India, and New Zealand to help them adapt to the accelerated pace of development in increasingly complex, uncertain environments.

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