Sunday Morning, Half Day
Dungeons and Patterns!
Marriott Hotel — Meeting Room 11
Steve Metsker, Capital One
William Wake, Capital One

“Dungeons and Patterns” is a hands-on tutorial for exploring and learning about design patterns. Learning design patterns will help you become a more powerful object-oriented developer. Unfortunately, a single reading of Design Patterns won’t magically implant design pattern recognition skills in your brain. You have to learn patterns by doing, which means you have to start applying patterns before you can apply them–a monstrous dilemma! The solution is to practice patterns in a playful setting where slip-ups are profitable and painless. In this tutorial you will join an adventure with others at your table, seeking the treasure of patterns hidden within a dungeon replete with structural traps, motivational pitfalls, and implementation monsters. These barriers will succumb to strong collaboration with your table-mates and will yield to effective application of the patterns in Design Patterns. Dungeons and Patterns will deepen your understanding and strengthen your skills at recognizing and applying design patterns.

Attendee Background: Attendees should have tried reading Design Patterns at least once. No experience with role-playing games is required.

Presenters: Steve Metsker is a researcher and author who explores and writes about ways to expand the abilities of developers. Steve’s articles have explained how to maintain relational integrity in object models, how to solve logic puzzles in Java, and how the conception of “object” differs between Plato and the OO languages. Steve’s most recent publication is the book, Building Parsers with Java.

William Wake is interested in XP, patterns, human-computer interaction, and information retrieval. He is the author o, extreme Programming Explored, and the inventor of the Test-First Stoplight and the XP Programmer’s Cube.

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