Sunday, Full Day
Lo-Fi Design Strategies for Creating Highly Usable Object-Oriented User Interfaces
Convention Ctr — Room 24
Luke Hohmann, Independent Consultant

Even if a software development project creates extensive and complete object-oriented analysis and design models, it will still be perceived as a failure if the user interface is poorly constructed. To be perceived as truly successful, the system must meet the needs of the user. This is best done by designing a user interface that is effective, appealing, intuitive, and easy to learn. In other words, you must create a highly usable object-oriented user interface. Participants of this tutorial will learn how to design highly usable object-oriented user interfaces using the latest in lo-fi prototyping techniques by creating such designs in small groups. Upon completion of this tutorial, participants will be able to: define usability and its relation to object technology; define the role of lo-fi and hi-fi prototyping; design and test lo-fi prototypes according to timeless principles of usability; and implement lo-fi prototypes in a manner that is consistent with the underlying domain model.

Attendee Background: Participants should have a basic knowledge of object-oriented analysis and design, use cases, and scenarios; and be involved in the design and implementation of a project utilizing a graphical user interface. Knowledge of a specific object-oriented programming language is not required.

Presenter: Luke Hohmann is an independent consultant, committed to coaching his clients to greater levels of performance. Mr. Hohmann is author of Journey of the Software Professional: A Sociology of Software Development (Prentice-Hall), as well as numerous articles on software engineering management. A skilled instructor and speaker, Mr. Hohmann has been invited to many conferences. Mr. Hohmann can be contacted through e-mail at

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