Sunday, Full Day
Testing Object-Oriented Software Systems
Convention Ctr — Room 13
John McGregor, Clemson University

The use of object-oriented software construction techniques and iterative, incremental processes influence the organization, structure, and execution of testing activities in a project. The techniques presented in the tutorial are intended to provide a scalable process that can be tailored to the size of a project and the criticality of the type of application. The comprehensive test plan, presented in the tutorial, integrates the construction process and the testing process to produce an efficient and complete development process.

This tutorial is divided into three parts: (1) specific techniques supported by small examples to illustrate specific testing algorithms, (2) techniques for testing system level models using enhanced inspection and review procedures and (3) a process for system testing presented within the context of a complete testing process for object-oriented systems.

Instructional objectives: The participant will be able to define test cases from use cases. The participant will be able to build test suites that reuse test cases from related uses. The participant will be able to adapt a generic testing process to his/her corporate and project environments. The participant will be able to prioritize tests based on information in the use cases. Lecture/discussion: 70% Exercises: 30%

Attendee Background: Attendees should be familiar with object-oriented concepts and at least one object-oriented programming language. It will be helpful if the attendee is familiar with basic software testing techniques to the level gained by practical experience.

Presenter: Dr. John D. McGregor is a senior partner in Korson-McGregor and an associate professor of computer science at Clemson University. Dr. McGregor has conducted funded research for organizations such as the National Science Foundation, DARPA, IBM, and AT&T. Dr. McGregor has developed testing techniques for object-oriented software and developed custom testing processes for a variety of companies. Dr. McGregor is co-author of Object-oriented Software Development: Engineering Software for Reuse (Van Nostrand Reinhold) and is co-author of A Practical Guide to Testing Object-Oriented Software (Addison-Wesley, 2001). He writes a column on Testing and Quality for the Journal of Object-oriented Programming (JOOP) published by SIGS Publishing. He has published numerous articles on software development focusing on design and quality issues. Dr. McGregor’s research interests include software engineering specifically in the areas of process definition, design quality, testing and measurement. Dr. McGregor has given tutorials for several years at OOPSLA and ECOOP. He presents to 10 - 12 conferences per year as well as offering industrial courses to demanding technical audiences.

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