Thursday, Full Day
Object-Oriented Reengineering
Convention Ctr – 211D
Serge Demeyer, University of Antwerp
Stéphane Ducasse, SCG - University of Berne

Surprising as it may seem, many of the early adopters of the object-oriented paradigm already face a number of problems typically encountered in large-scale legacy systems. Software engineers are now confronted with millions of lines of industrial source code, developed using object-oriented design methods and languages of the late ‘80s. These systems exhibit a range of problems, effectively preventing them from satisfying the evolving requirements imposed by their customers.

This tutorial will share our knowledge concerning the reengineering of object-oriented legacy systems. We will draw upon our experiences with the FAMOOS project to show you techniques and tools we have applied on real industrial OO systems to detect and repair problems. In particular, we will discuss issues like tool integration, design extraction, metrics, refactoring, and program visualization.

Additional information concerning this tutorial can be obtained at

Presentation Format: This tutorial will be presentation based.

Attendee Background: Participants should have practical programming experience in at least one OO language (Smalltalk, C++, Java, Eiffel, etc.). Familiarity with UML is useful, though not required.

Serge Demeyer is a professor at the University of Antwerp (Belgium), while Stéphane Ducasse is a post doctoral researcher at the Software Composition Group in Berne (Switzerland). Both of them served as technical leaders for the FAMOOS project and as such have been involved in the organization of several workshops (at ECOOP and ESEC) concerning object-oriented reengineering. They have given tutorials on Object-Oriented Reengineering at both OOPSLA and ECOOP and are currently writing a book reporting on their experience.

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