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Storing Java Objects and EJBs in Relational Databases
Convention Ctr – 205A
Dennis Leung, The Object People
Dan MacKinnon, WebGain

One of the major challenges faced by enterprise Java developers is overcoming the mismatch between objects and relational databases. Storing objects in Java is more than simple JDBC calls; a solid design incorporates a persistence layer that separates the details of the database from the business logic. The persistence layer should address mapping and run-time issues such as: caching, object identity, inheritance, legacy database integration, querying, stored procedure use, objects stored in multiple tables, and transaction management. Additional challenges arise as more projects use three-tier architectures and application servers. The Enterprise JavaBean specification has also added integration requirements as developers build EJB compliant server components.

Participants in this tutorial will learn about the issues involved with storing Java objects and Enterprise JavaBeans in relational databases. The design considerations in building and using a persistence layer will be discussed.

Presentation Format: The presentation format will be slides with interactive discussion

Attendee Background: Participants should have a basic knowledge of Java, object modeling and relational databases. A high level knowledge of Enterprise JavaBeans would also be of use for the sections focused on EJBs.

Dennis Leung is the Director of Product Management at The Object People. He manages the TOPLink family of object-relational mapping tools. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies world-wide on object-relational issues. Dennis has spoken at several conferences including: Smalltalk Solutions, Java Developers Conference, OOP Munich, OOPSLA, Sun Java Developer Days, and Java Expo Europe.

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