Thursday, Afternoon
Developing Java Applications for Small Spaces
Convention Ctr – 211B
Chris Carpenter and Ken Auer, RoleModel Software

Java has always promised the ability to run on any size platform, from mainframes to wristwatches. Now the promise of supporting “small” platforms is truly here. This tutorial will teach the current state of the art with respect to developing Java applications for the Sun J2ME and IBM VAME application environments (JAE’s). Developers will receive instruction on how to approach developing their own small-environment Java applications from pioneers who have built such applications using the different environments. The differences between Sun’s and IBM’s approach to putting Java in small spaces along with benefits and limitations of each will be discussed. The tutorial will also discuss integrating Java enabled devices into the much-ballyhooed Jini environment.

After this tutorial, Java developers and technical leaders will have a clear understanding of the advantages, risks, challenges, and approaches of developing J2ME and VAME Java applications.

Presentation Format: Presentation and demonstrations.

Attendee Background: Participants should be Java developers or technical leaders of Java projects.

Chris Carpenter is an employee of RoleModel Software, Inc. Mr. Carpenter architected and led development of the ABB Energy Axis Automated Meter Reading System. This is a suite of distributed software subsystems and applications that interoperate to provide a application for reading millions of electrical meters for electric utilities and other deregulated entities. The system allows near real-time collection of meter telemetry allowing far greater flexibility to the energy service provider in applying new rates and responding to a rapidly changing deregulated marketplace. The AMR is designed around the metaphor of a Centralized Distribution Warehouse. The system is designed and built to accommodate over a terabyte of meter data collected from meter devices connected via telephone, radio and satellite communications. The system is highly distributed and dynamically driven by external business logic. The system was written in C++, Perl and Java and uses DCE, RQS, Persistence and Encina middlewares. He has been awarded a patent on the AMR system. Additional patents on individually unique aspects of the system are pending.

Ken Auer founded RoleModel Software, Inc. in early 1997 with a mission to provide leadership in the development of robust, flexible software assets that help meet its customers’ business needs as they continue to evolve. Mr. Auer has an excellent track record of results in a variety of business and technical roles. His experience as a developer, instructor, technical leader, project manager, and director increases his effectiveness in getting desired results by being able to see projects from a variety of angles. He skillfully balances the business and people sides of software with the technical side to maximize “real progress” toward his clients’ goals through a variety of services. Although he plays many roles well, Mr. Auer’s most natural role is Chief Architect/Technical Leader in which he develops software, software development teams, and software developers. His goal is to reproduce leadership skills in RoleModel Software’s employees while encouraging them to make the most of their unique God-given talents in the software field.

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