Thursday, Afternoon
Responsibility-Driven Design: Practical Techniques for Modeling Object Behavior
Convention Ctr – 211A
Rebecca Wirfs-Brock and Alan McKean, Wirfs-Brock Associates

Responsibility-driven design is a method for describing objects in terms of roles, responsibilities, and their collaborative behavior. This tutorial briefly introduces you to responsibilities and the responsibility-driven design process, then spends most of the time presenting practical techniques for improving, understanding, and expressing models and thinking about design. These techniques include CRC cards, object role stereotypes, control style analysis, behavior refactoring worksheets, and hot spot cards for identifying and planning design variations. These techniques can be successfully added to your current design toolkit and complement UML design models. Attendees will have an opportunity to briefly practice several of these design techniques. Student notes consist of a case study illustrating techniques and results.

Participants will learn a number of informal design modeling techniques that can be used to reason about their objects, their patterns of collaboration, and choices for using inheritance and composition. Students will learn how behavioral techniques and thinking in terms of responsibilities can complement and enhance more formal design models.

Presentation Format: Slides, lecture, and at least two short exercises followed by clinic/review sessions.

Attendee Background: Students should be familiar with object concepts and have had some exposure to object design. Students should be interested in learning several informal modeling techniques.

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock is president of Wirfs-Brock Associates, a firm specializing in transferring object analysis and design expertise to organizations and individuals through training, mentoring, and consulting. She spent 17 years as a Software Engineer at Tektronix, and led Tektronix’ development of Color Smalltalk. She has written articles, lectured and presented tutorials on object analysis, design and management topics, and has been an innovator in object technology since 1984. Rebecca is co-inventor of the Responsibility-Driven Design method, co-author of the classic, “Designing Object-Oriented Software,” and author of a new book on object design (to be published by Addison-Wesley when it is finished!)

Alan McKean, Vice President of Training at Wirfs-Brock Associates, and co-author of a new design book with Rebecca, has devoted his career applying principles of design and adult learning to find better ways to communicate technical information. A student of Buckminster Fuller’s and an MSCS graduate of the University of Oregon, he specializes in system architecture and design. An experienced speaker and software developer, he has developed core curricula in object-oriented development and distributed object systems.

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