Thursday, Afternoon
Extending the C++ Standard Template Library (STL)
Convention Ctr – 205A
Jan Christiaan van Winkel, AT Computing

When writing applications in C++, the Standard Template Library (STL) is of great help. It provides several container types (such as list, vector, map) and algorithms to be used in combination with these containers (such as sort and find). However useful STL may be, there will be a moment that you need something you would expect to be in STL, but which is not. Then it is useful to know how you can create new containers and algorithms in the spirit of STL. In this way your own container types and algorithms will work with standard STL containers and algorithms. The STL has been set up to make these extensions possible. Though it is not difficult to extend STL, there are some guidelines to follow. After the tutorial you will know what rules to follow when creating new STL-like containers (including their iterators) and algorithms. The examples will give you enough material to base your new container types on.

The objective of this tutorial is to teach the attendees how to make more use of the C++ STL by creating new container types and algorithms in the STL way.

Presentation Format: This tutorial will be Presentation based.

Attendee Background: Attendees are expected to know C++ and normal use of STL.

Jan Christiaan van Winkel has a BS and a MS in computer science (the MS from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam). He works at AT Computing, a small courseware and consulting firm in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. There he teaches UNIX and UNIX-related subjects, including C and C++. He co-authored the course notes for the C++ course. These course notes have been published as a book by the Dutch publisher AcademicService. Except for 1995, J.C. van Winkel has presented tutorials at all OOPSLA’s since 1993. He is the Dutch representative in the ISO C++ standardization committee SC22/WG21.

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