Wednesday, Afternoon
A Whack on the Side of the Designer's Head – A Creative Developer's Tool-Kit
Convention Ctr – 211B
Martine Devos, EDS EMEA

Most system analysis and design books have a shortcoming: they focus on analysis of the old system and documenting and implementing the new, but they give little attention to the creativity needed during conceptual design. Design is still treated as largely a matter of bringing a group of intelligent, creative people together and waiting for the magic to happen. This magic remains unexplained, largely unexplored, and, to a large extent, ignored. This tutorial adds creative, analytic, and synthetic tools to the developer’s tool-kit. The participants gain better insight about when to use which supporting method.

Presentation Format: The tutorial will introduce techniques during short presentations. After each set of techniques, participants will discuss the applicability in development practice (using evaluation techniques and what was learned). The techniques are applied in exercises and a running case. Each part will take 1/3 of the time.

Attendee Background: Managers, developers, and everybody who wants to gain experience in the use of creative tools during the development process.

Martine Devos is Solutions Architect, Marketing and Portfolio, for EDS EMEA. She provides consultancy and training on organizing for reuse, and coordinates a research project on product line development. As IS manager at Argo she initiated and coordinated the development of a framework for administrations and several applications using it. Her main focus is on the use of IS – and “softer software” – to support change programs and learning. This got her the title of ICT-manager of the year. She participated in, and organized, several workshops, panels, and tutorials at OOPSLA, ECOOP, OT, and TOOLS. She is Program Chair of EuroPlop 2000.

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