Sunday, Full Day
Effective Strategies and Techniques for Rapid Object-Oriented Application Development
Convention Ctr – 102F
Michael Anton, Financial Technology Solutions Inc.
Soo Lee, Financial Technology Solutions Inc.

Industry studies show that the most productive software developers are 20 to 200 times more effective than their least productive counterparts. No other engineering discipline shows this divergence in practitioner competency level. This tutorial will present some of the techniques that allow developers to be incredibly effective, often doing in one day what others take weeks to accomplish. The participants will apply these techniques “hands-on” to the analysis, design, and implementation of a substantial real-world application. They will learn strategies to avoid time-wasting activities and will see how to build in extensibility from the ground-up, addressing future requirements that may not have been anticipated. Participants also will learn how to solve problems by finding and applying pattern languages during analysis, design, and programming. By the end of the tutorial, participants will not only learn about, but also help to build an application, taking it from concept to a functional prototype in only a day.

Presentation Format: Lecture, discussion, and hands-on workshop.

Attendee Background: This tutorial will assume and build on the participant having a good familiarity with Object Modeling, UML notation, the general concepts of Patterns and Pattern Languages, and at least one year experience programming in an object-oriented language.

Michael Anton is Director of Software Development at Financial Technology Solutions Inc., a firm specializing is software development for the financial industry. He was a Senior Management Consultant for the last two years at an investment management firm in New York City, where he was also Manager of Fixed Income Systems for four years. Mr. Anton holds a Master of Science in Engineering (Computer & Information Science) from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Chemistry from Williams College in Massachusetts. He has over twenty years experience designing, building, and managing software projects. Mr. Anton has been involved in Object-Oriented Development for twelve years and has contributed to many dozens of projects in portfolio management and trading, molecular modeling, directional drilling, traffic control, office automation, Microwave CAD and interactive voice response.

Soo Lee is a Senior Software Engineer with over ten years experience in Object-Oriented Software Development.

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