Tuesday, Afternoon
Java Design Traps and Pitfalls
Convention Ctr – 211C
Todd Lauinger, Best Buy Co., Inc.

Most software developers think a thorough knowledge of the Java programming language and its numerous APIs is the key to developing good Java software. This is often done at the expense of understanding and applying solid object technique. Participants in this tutorial will discuss the most common object design mistakes I have seen in working with over 200 designers in the past seven years. We will analyze the source of the mistakes, work to understand object principles to help these mistakes, and apply the newly understood principles to example problems.

Presentation Format: Presentation.

Attendee Background: Java software developers of all levels of expertise.

Todd Lauinger has over 10 years of experience developing mission-critical large-scale software systems in a variety of technologies and techniques. He is a published author and experienced conference speaker, teacher, and mentor in state-of-the-art software development strategies.

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