Tuesday, Afternoon
Component-Based Design: A Complete Worked Example
Convention Ctr – 205D
John Daniels, Syntropy, Ltd.

Much has been written about component-based design but most books and articles deal in generalizations and possibilities, rather than providing explicit and clear guidance. This tutorial will follow a small case study through from requirements capture to code-ready specifications, and will set out the full client and server architectures needed to make it work. The modeling and specification techniques used will follow the UML, with the target technologies being EJB or COM+. A Web-based UI is assumed.

As a result of the tutorial students will know and understand:

  • A simple process for component-based design.
  • How to use UML to specify components.
  • How components built with EJB or COM+ fit into application architectures.

Presentation Format: Presentation by instructor with frequent opportunities for questions from the audience and two short exercises to reinforce key points.

Attendee Background: The tutorial is aimed at modelers, system designers, and architects. A working knowledge of UML is required, and some understanding of EJB or COM+ would be an advantage.

John Daniels is a consultant at Syntropy, Ltd., providing help with system architectures and development processes to a number of large corporations. He was previously Application and Technical Architect for Bankers Trust in London, and before that Managing Director of pioneering consulting and training company Object Designers Limited. He has applied object technology in a range of industrial and commercial applications since 1985. He has given tutorials at many object technology conferences, has prepared and delivered many training courses, and has published extensively.

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